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Dog Owner Claims 'Real Ham Bone' Nearly Killed Her Dogs | News

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Dog Owner Claims 'Real Ham Bone' Nearly Killed Her Dogs

A Hawk Point, Missouri, woman is the latest dog owner to complain about a product she says nearly killed one of her Italian Greyhounds.

Gina McFarland says she gave her dogs, Cairo and Bambi, a product called the Real Ham Bone for a Christmas treat.

She ended up rushing her dogs to the Animal Emergency Clinic in O'Fallon, Missouri, on Christmas Day.

A veterinarian at the clinic says the product splintered inside the dog causing digestion problems that resulted in repeated vomiting and dehydration that nearly led to Cairo dying.

'I was sick to my stomach and I was crying,' said McFarland.

The BBB in St. Louis has received 14 complaints about the product during the past 2 years.

'Dogs have ingested this bone, chewed the bone and it`s gotten lodged in their stomach,' said Bill Smith, an investigator with the BBB.  He said in some cases dogs have died.

Consumer complaints have been lodged from across the country over the products potential harm.

The Real Ham Bone comes from the Dynamic Pet Products label of Frick`s Quality Meats in Washington, MO.

The company released a statement indicating they are saddened by any injuries and that safety is a priority.  The statement says the product contains a warning label to telling pet owners to supervise dogs chewing on the bone.

McFarland says she was supervising her dogs but they started vomiting before she could help.

'I want them taken off the shelves and I don`t want anybody else to go through what I`ve gone through,' said McFarland.

She said she bought the product from the Dollar General store in Troy, Mo.  The company spokesperson said they would look into the claim.

Here is the entire statement from Dynamic Pet Products regarding the Real Ham Bone for dogs.

ST. LOUIS, December 28, 2011 - Dave Frick, President, Dynamic Pet Products, released the following statement today in response to the complaint filed by a consumer regarding Real Ham Bone for Dogs.

'At Dynamic Pet Products, our goal is to offer the best pet products to owners and their dogs. We are saddened to learn of the illness of any of our customers` pets.'

'Dynamic Pet Products has been producing 100% Human food grade bones approved by the FDA since 2001, including the Real Ham Bone for Dogs.

The quality of our products and the safety of the pets that enjoy our products are our top priorities.

That is why every package contains a label that provides detailed instructions to owners on how they can help their pets best enjoy our products.

We strongly encourage owners to supervise their pets with any treats or snacks. We will continue to provide quality, safe products to our customers.'


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